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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Reinvent the Brawler

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  • Richard Doyle, Ethan Tonelli and Phillip Lien, QANTM Sydney Game Design Graduates, Outcasts

    Genre: Strategy/Beat-‘Em-Up

    Synopsis: Outcasts is a modern expansion on the beat-em-up genre. In Outcasts you build yourself a super hero team from the ground up, selecting your origins, base location and motivations before filling your six-superhero team with custom created crusaders built in the game's robust character creator.

    The game is split into two parts: an overworld section, in which strategic use of resources, PR, hero recruitment and training will allow you to create a superhero team capable of tackling any threat, and the combat missions that provide the games action, presented in a classic arcade style with more than a few variations to keep each mission fresh and challenging.

    The Overworld: Outcasts allows the player to build their base and superhero team from the ground up. A Bastion style node-based system encourages the player to prioritise their resource usage in order to empower their team in accordance with their play style. Each building, recruitment, unit training, unit healing or side mission requires a number of days to complete and effectively using your base is about managing time, resources and perks while ensuring the right heroes are ready for action when a combat mission arises. And, by protecting the citizens in the major regions of the world (Asia, North America, South America, Russia, Europe, Antarctica, Africa and the Middle East) you can send your heroes to train in these nations to receive buffs and items. Though, the real meat of the game comes from creating, training and fielding your own custom team of superheroes.

    Each hero in your team, either recruited or created, will draw from a list of classic comic book powers. Each hero can be a combination of combat types like ranged, melee, fast, flying, jumping, teleporting, heavy, psychic, fire, ice, lightning, clawed, invisible, laser-eyes, frost-breath, light, shadow, guns, gadgets, soundwave or wind; and an origin perk which further effects their growth, abilities and usefulness against particular enemy or mission types, such as super soldier, alien, mutant, scientific experiment gone wrong, scientific experiment gone right, magic amulet, heavily armed, chemical spill, childhood tragedy, superb human, average Joe, or eldritch horror.

    Combat Missions: Each combat mission will have an enemy type drawn from fifty years of comic book bad guys; face off against zombies, vampires, aliens, robots, androids, werewolves, ninjas, street punks, dinosaurs, octopodes, cavemen, triffids and morlocks in a selection of mission types that will keep the combat both challenging and fresh. Mission types include raid (standard level full of enemies then boss fight), safe house (defend a building from waves of enemies), survivor (last through waves of enemies), rescue (catch up with a boss enemy who is kidnapping a damsel or head of state) or blitz (destroy an enemy installation as waves of enemies attempt to stop you).

    Success in these missions can be achieved by nimble fingers and arcade skills but by using the right hero, exploiting type advantages (fire burns triffids, lightning disables robots, et al) and ensuring that your heroes are buffed, equipped and levelled up in the overworld the player can bring a tactical advantage into each combat mission. Send multiple heroes on a mission and the AI will take over for one, or have a friend pick up the second controller and drop in to assist!

    Outcasts is currently in pre-production by SP Hardworks.

    SP Hardworks is comprised of recent QANTM Sydney game design graduates Richard Doyle, Ethan Tonelli and Phillip Lien.


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