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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Reinvent the Brawler

    - staff

  • Bernard John (B.J.) Badger, Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy Alumnus, Captain N: The Game-Master

    From the cheesy comics and cartoon show comes an idea for an actual game! The player's Mii must become the savior of Videoland, leading the heroes of the various worlds against the dark invasion. Controlled by either a full house of friends or computer helpers, the growing army of heroes will take the fight through dozens of worlds and defeat the evil menace with the help of Captain N's game-altering powers!

    What separates Captain N from most brawlers is its style of control and movement. Players direct their avatars using pointers controlled by the Wii Remote's pointing system. Where the pointer goes, the avatar follows, with some consideration for current momentum and turning capability. Short/repeated presses of the A button result in melee attacks in the current direction of movement. Holding the A button causes the avatar to stop and charge up a special attack, which can then be released in the direction of the pointer. Each playable fighter has two different charge attacks, depending on how long the A button is held. Holding the B button causes the avatar to stop in a guard position, and pressing the A button while in this position causes a short-range evasive movement in the direction of the pointer. It is important that this game be as accessible as possible for multiplayer play, which is why only the Wii Remote with no attachments is used. This decreases the likelihood of equipment shortage and the effort necessary for setup.

    Optionally, one player may use the Wii U Gamepad. The controls using the Gamepad are similar to those with the Wii Remote, but use the touchpad and stylus for determining pointer position, and replace the A and B buttons with shoulder buttons. In addition to participating as a fighter, the Gamepad player has command and support capabilities. Using a menu on the side of the touchpad, they can tag an enemy or group of enemies as a target for particular other players. Computer-controlled players will always do their best to engage the target set for them, and human-controlled players are encouraged to follow the Gamepad player's direction by an attack bonus against their designated target. The Gamepad player can also assist the team by creating temporary zones on the play field which confer some advantage (health regeneration, attack power increase, etc.), pausing all enemies for a short period, and so on, but these powers consume energy from a limited source. Advanced players can map orders and powers to joysticks/crosspad/letter buttons for quicker execution. The Gamepad player should typically be the most skilled and experienced player, truly the Captain of the team.


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