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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: DualShock 4

    - Danny Cowan

  • Felix Palabrica, Software Engineer, Pure Instinct


    You play as a detective gifted with heightened senses that enables you to realize danger before it actually happens and know the veracity of the statements of people you talk to.

    General Control Scheme:

    Left Analog Stick - Basic Directional Movement
    Right Analog Stick - Interact with People / Examine or Pickup Objects (A prompt will be displayed to indicate which direction will pertain to a specific action)
    L1 and R1 - Rotate Camera
    L2 - Reset Camera
    R2 - Zoom Camera
    Right Analog Stick (Zoomed View) - Move line of sight / Aim
    X - Run (Hold while doing basic movement)
    Circle - Jump
    Square -  Light Melee Attack (Fast, Can-Combo) 
    Triangle - Heavy Melee Attack (Slow, Chargeable, Combo Ender)

    Some In-Game Options:

    View Inventory and Use Inventory Item
    Journal Entries (Will be updated for any data gathered during investigation)

    The game is divided into different types of gameplay:

    Free Roam / Investigation

    Your character will be displayed in third person view. Explore different places to gather details about the crime scene. You can also acquire different items that may either be a key item for an investigation or a usable item like weapons or healers. When your character senses danger, the controller will vibrate, the LED light bar will change color, and a special sfx will play in the controller's speaker.

    Additional Control Scheme: Square and Triangle buttons are disabled in this mode


    Your character can interact with different characters and ask questions about an incident. You choose the questions to catch the right information from the person being interrogated. With your heightened senses, you can hear that person's heartbeat (played in the dual shock's speaker). If that person lies, his or her heartbeat becomes faster and louder. From there, all detected lies will be recorded in your journal.

    Additional Control Scheme:
    Directional Buttons - Choose next question or dialogue (Up to 4 choices per turn).
    Other controls are disabled in this mode


    Your character will be displayed in third person view except you're in the middle of combat. A basic combo system is implemented by pressing square and triangle in different combinations. You can also use weapons varying from melee to range types.

    Additional Control Scheme:
    Right Analog Stick -  Aim range weapon while in zoomed view

    Adrenaline Rush:

    This usually happens when your character is in the moment of danger (e.g. falling crates, exploding barrels, etc.) or in the middle of combat. The view is shifted to slow motion and controls shift to interactive cinematic. On-screen prompts will appear in the form of directional lines. You follow the prompt by drawing a similar line using the controller's touchpad. Untimely respond will result to undesirable results like injury, mission failure, or even death.

    Additional Control Scheme: Touchpad - Draw lines as prompted on screen to perform the necessary response for the situation. Other controls are disabled in this mode.


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