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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: DualShock 4

    - Danny Cowan

  • Jonathan McAfee, Belmont University / Wooded Glen Entertainment, Chunkadomination

    Title: Chunkadomination: the Incredible Discovery of a Most Powerful and Mighty Thing

    Genre: First Person/ Tower Defense/ Platformer

    Story: Hailing from the planet Chunkadom, home to a peaceful race of rock golems, you and your fellow Chunkies have discovered the most incredible artifact while exploring a new world!  It has given all of you the power to levitate objects, and manipulate the world around you in extraordinary ways.  But wouldn't you know it,  you are invaded by hostile aliens!  The Speckle-dash, a greedy race of insects, want the artifact to turn the rock golems into slaves.

    Using the new found powers, you must make it safely back to your rocket ship.

    Motive: You and up to three friends must build fortresses to fight off waves of enemies and progress through the world's environments to reach safety.  Every member of the team has a special ability:

    The Materialist- can create objects out of nothing, used for building (doors, ramps, walls).
    The Builder- can adhere objects together to create structures.
    The Healist- can repair damaged materials and teammates.
    The Prankster- can create traps to help slow enemies.

    Everyone has a hammer, sand blast shotgun, automatic pebble rifle, and diamond cal sniper gun, all with basic upgrade paths for more customization.  After fending off a wave, you'll have time to move on to a new location and build a new fort before the enemies come again.

    Mechanics: The main mechanic is altering the world around you.  This is accomplished by approaching objects, and tapping "x".  From here you can do a few things:

    1. Using the Move sensor, you can alter where in the game the object is located.  If you lift your controller above your head, you will lift the object on screen above your head.  If you move your controller to the right of your body, the object will mimic this motion.  You could hold a box for a friend to jump on and reach an otherwise unreachable area.  You could lift a rock over your head and throw it at an approaching enemy, or just tweak the walls of your fort.

    2. Slide your finger on the touch pad to rotate the selected object.  If you find a normal looking rock, you might pick it up and rotate it only to realize that it's part of a stairwell.  You might remember passing a ruined stairwell on you way here and go back to find that the piece fits and you are able to progress up the stairs to the next area of the game.

    3. Pinch and spread your fingers on the touchpad to enlarge or shrink the size of an object.  This could be useful if you are trying to get a key through a crack in the wall to one of your teammates on the other side.  It also could be used to make a giant weapon that you swing at the incoming insects.
    Only your imagination will limit you.


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