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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: DualShock 4

    - Danny Cowan

  • Jordan Baum, ARPG Concept

    A concept for an ARPG in which the way you fight would be changed by using on one of four elemental states: Earth, Wind, Water, or Fire. Depending on which state you are in you will have different attacks at your disposal. The game's combat would be stylized and very fast paced like a spectacle fighter such as Devil May Cry or Bayonetta.
    Earth would cause you to take less damage from basic attacks. In addition earth's abilities would emphasize earthquake style moves that would knock enemies into the air.

    Wind let's you move and attack faster allowing you to lengthen combos and do more damage, you can also fly up into the air to continue attacking enemies that you knocked up with Earth's earthquakes.
    Water has an emphasis on ranged attacks and would be effective against enemies that have a lot of area of effect damage. Water also has slows and crowd control with ice spells that can be used to kite enemies that you don't want to fight up close.

    Fire has a lot of aoe attacks making it effective for large groups of small enemies. It also has some single target attacks that burn through damage reduction making it effective against tanky enemies. Using Fire directly after using Water's crowd control would allow you to take down slow Earth enemies or set up or your foes for massive damage with an area of effect attack.

    With these abilities Water would beat both Earth and Fire by keeping them away with crowd control and ranged attacks. Fire would beat both Earth and Wind as you could simply use AOE attacks when wind characters got close and Earth's defense wouldn't matter against Fire's single target attacks. Meanwhile Earth and Air would be effective against non-elemental characters. Earth could use defense to ignore their attacks and knock them up, or you can switch to air in order to take them on with massive combos and out manuevering them. Bosses would use multiple forms and require you to switch forms as you fought in order to beat them.

    You would change forms by tapping on the left or right side of the PS4's touch pad to cycle through. This would leave the rest of the buttons free for opening your inventory, blocking and dodging. The LED would change from Red, Blue, White, or Green depending on the form you are currently using.

    Battle's would not be random, instead enemies will spawn and roam an area and if they spot you then the game will transition into the battle as the enemies reach you. After the fight you will be given a grade that will be influenced by the amount of damage taken, either a variety or counter bonus based on the type of enemy and which forms you used to defeat them, and style based on your combo. This grade will affect the amount of experience you gain from the battle.

    Leveling up will give you skill points to unlock new attacks and boosts for your four forms. There are no stats meaning if you are skilled enough then you can take on anything at level one. Which would allow for pacifist runs of the game. Instead of equipment you can find items called aspects. You equip these to each form and they are like perks, adding an effect to a certain ability or giving you a buff while using that form.


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