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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: No Jumping!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Balaji MD, Game Designer at Twist Mobile, Rocket Jike

    It was 17th Century in china, the festival month of the year. Colors, celebrations and fireworks covered the vast sky. "Jike" the kid who was so crazy about firecrackers ran out of fireworks that day. He sneaked inside the cracker's castle and packed a bag full of fireworks so much enough to fire for the whole month.

    You play as the kid (Jack) in the game who robbed firecrackers form the fireworks castle and trying to escape back home. He packed a bag full of firecrackers on his back which apparently made him too heavy that he can't even jump. He realized and then, an idea rouse in his head binding a rocket on his back could help him with jump (Actually a smart kid, it worked!!).

    High Concept:

    Escape back home remaining in stealth mode. Solve the puzzles making use of each and every element in the game.


    The main objective is to get back home through different levels without alerting anyone around. Best thing, it was a night scene so the kid can make use of the dark.


    Use left and left for controls.

    Up or down to climb ladder.

    "A" Action button for lighting the rocket, and for various other actions inside the game like pulling trigger and pushing buttons.

    "B" Holding B during walking will make the player run. Using the combination of run and jump makes the character jump higher and longer

    Rocket in the back of the player will come in handy whenever you need to jump. But you need have a fire source to use the rocket. So player basically can't jump. But thinking could help him find a way.


    Player has very simpler controls but reacts different with different elements in the game. Player can counter jump (i.e. from one fire source to another source which is as long player has a fire source he can jump). Holding the "A" button will make the player run and combining "B" with it will give him high long jumps (which will be higher compared to using it normally without running). You can jump towards any direction in the game by pressing action with the respective direction towards where you want to jump.

    Play the game safe in stealth mode. If the Guard or anyone finds him, he will get busted (don't worry!! nothing's going to happen, he will be sent home without fireworks).


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