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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: No Jumping!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Kurtis Thorp, Combustion

    Combustion is a 2d platformer in which the player stars as a firefighter. Use your water pack to put out flames or charge the pressure and propel yourself over gaps. Rush to save people caught in the fire or their pets and valuables. Make it quick as fire spreads fast. Earn a high score by saving day as fast as you can.


    Combustion is played like a twin stick shooter. One stick controlling where the player is going the other where the hose is pointing. The player can not jump. To over come this, the design is to have the hose be able to "charge" to build up pressure and when release while aimed toward something solid the character will be propelled away from the solid object. Levels will consist of Apartment buildings, Government builds, High rises and whole city blocks. The game will be point based. Earn points for each civilian saved, how much property was saved, extra items found and time spent getting to the exit. Strive for the high score.


    Right Stick - Aim Hose
    Left Stick - Character Movement
    R1 - Shoot Button
    L1 - Close Hose Button
    R2 - Hook Axe Button
    L2 - Use Button


    Water hose/tank - Main item of the game. Has infinite water. Has a gauge showed on UI for pressure. Hold Shoot to spray water, lowers the pressure gauge. Hold Closed Hose button and Shoot Button to build pressure. Release Close Hose Button release the built up pressure, uses large amount of pressure. Pressure will rebuild while not using the hose.

    Hook Axe - Doubles as a hook and an Axe. Use as an Axe to break down doors and weak walls. Used as a hook to grapple edges and swing from support beams.

    Fire Extinguisher - Found within levels. Uses foam to coat chemical fires. Limited use item. Use button to use.

    Survivors - Use Button to pick up survivor. Can not use Hook Axe or carry Fire Extinguisher when carrying a survivor. Need to be taken to a drop off point.


    Flames - Flames will come in 3 different colors representing different types of fires:

    • Red is just a normal fire the hose will be able to put these out.
    • Green is a chemical fire and needs a fire extinguisher, found somewhere in the level, to be put out.
    • Blue is an electrical fire. Using water on these will electrocute the player. Electricity needs to be turned off and the flame will turn Red.
    • Red, Blue and Green flames can spread Red flames

    Gas pipes - Flames from gas pipes can not be extinguished. Used for floor obstacles and timed obstacles.

    Environment - Floors and ceilings can fall apart. Debris from these can hurt the player.


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