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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: No Jumping!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Craig Browne, Ohio University, MagnaLine

    The name of my game idea is "MagnaLine". MagnaLine's story focuses that on Axel , a robot who puts together other robots on an assembly line. That is until the company he works for decides to upgrade to the new assembly model robot. With a new, more efficient assembly robot, Axel is scheduled for decommissioning. To survive Axel has to take to the assembly lines as means of escape.

    The games dynamics are that it is a 2D side scroller made for touch screen mobile devices, the object is to get to the end of the assembly line that Axel is running from left to right on. You do not directly take control of Axel but instead he continuously runs on the spot as the assembly lines roll past. The assembly lines are not all connected and have gaps in random places that if you do not get over them you fall and are caught.

    The catch is that you cannot jump these gaps in the assembly lines since you are made too heavy due to being made of metal. Instead to transverse the gaps you must tap and hold the magnets that are above the assembly line in certain places, touching and holding the magnet will magnetize Axel and start to lift him towards them, you have to utilize touching the magnet at the right time to lift Axel up over the gap and onto the next assembly line. This is all going on still as the screen scrolls from left to right. The magnets will work as they physically should, Axel will be pulled up in an arc. The strength of the magnet will also affect how Axel is pulled.


    In later levels new magnets will be implemented into the scene. This will include faster magnets that lift Axel faster towards them, Slower magnets that have the opposite effect of the fast magnet, Magnets that will switch on and off randomly or only have one use per touch, there will be magnets that move on a set position around the screen, and magnets that have different strengths.

    Levels will also include some obstacles you have to magnetize Axel over as he moves along the assembly line. These will be items such as scrap parts, crates, and off course the gaps in the assembly line. In more difficult levels there will be the fast, slow, switch, different strength, and moving magnets; Along with the obstacles such as crates. There will also be other assembly lines higher up or lower than the line you are on at the moment and you will have to use the magnets to pull yourself from magnet to magnet, in order to reach another assembly line.


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