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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: No Jumping!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Eduardo Ramírez, Game designer at Green Lava Studios, I Fall in Love 

    Platform: Touch screen devices.

    Story: A blue boy falls in love with a pink girl... yes yes, he loooves her.

    Gameplay: This gameplay will be explained with the 3 images below.

    Image 1: The blue boy lives in a little 2D planet. He is always walking going right; the player can't stop him. This blue boy can't jump and wants to reach the pink girl.

    Image 2: The 360° gravity of this planet always pushes the blue boy to the center of the planet.

    Image 3: The player can move the planet by touching and swiping it with one finger in any direction. The blue boy will fall, hopefully avoiding obstacles. Technically, he is falling to avoid obstacles, not jumping. If the player's finger is not touching the planet, it will return to its initial position.

    Additional information: The blue boy will not jump if the player moves the planet quickly against the gravity direction. If blue boy touches fire, he will die and respawn at starting position. If blue boy touches pink girl, the level is cleared and moves to next level.


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