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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: No Jumping!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Daniel Zubiria Izquierdo, Quo's Adventure


    • Title: Quo's adventure.

    • Genre: Platformer, adventure.

    • Platform: PC / Steam, smartphones, tablets or any other device with a touch screen.

    • Game modes: Adventure mode.

    • View: 2D lateral scroll.


    Our only controls are moving left and right, and placing bombs that will displace our hero around the screen. The closer the bomb is to our hero, the farther it will displace him.

    There will be obstacles (walls, rocks, holes...), traps (fire, falling platforms...) and enemies that will eat you as soon as they have a chance (frogs, lizards).

    The target of the gameplay, as most of the platform games, is to reach a certain point or collect some distributed elements on a stage. Some of the stages will be timed to create tension in the players and have some variety in the gameplay.

    The game could be adapted for any device with a touch screen (or even a PC), but it is specially designed for tablets.


    Quo is a brave adventurer from a tribe called the Bombos. Bombos are small and very tasty creatures always alert from the risk of the bigger predators.

    Quo in his determination to find a safe place to his tribe will live hundreds of adventures. Help him to achieve his goal and save the tribe of the Bombos.

    Core mechanics

    • Stages:

      • The game is divided into different stages, that need to be completed in order to finish the game.

      • The goals of each stage may change from one stage to another, the most common goals being:

        • To reach a certain place. This goal may be timed.

        • To gather some amount of collectibles. This goal may be timed.

      • The game is developed in a 2D world.

      • The stages are usually inside caves.

    • Quo:

      • Has a water reserve that it can fill up absorbing water from puddles, water leaks, waterfalls...

      • The size and width of him is related to the water cumulated in his reserves.

      • Can kill enemies by spitting water, if he has any water on his reserve.

      • Could drop water when he is tapped on.

      • Explosions won't damage him, but the energy liberated by them will launch him around the stages.

    • Scenario elements:

      • Sand: Will make Quo slower and lose water when on it.

      • Oil: Will make Quo move faster.

      • Snot: Quo will stick to snot. If is a vertical snot wall, Quo will stick to it and slowly fall down.

      • Fire & poison: Will kill Quo.

    Game controls

    The controls:

    • Tap anywhere on the stage to place a bomb.

    • Tap & hold anywhere on the stage to place a timed bomb. The delay of this bomb will be of the same amount of time that you have been pressing.

    • Tap on an enemy to make Quo spit water to kill him.

    • When Quo is on the floor:

      • Drag to left or right to move him left or right.

      • Drag down to make him crouch.


    • Zizzles: They are like small lizards with long mouths and sharp teeth.

    • Grogs & Brogs: This creatures are like frogs, the only difference between them is their size and the reach of their tongues.


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