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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Man's Best Friend

    - Danny Cowan

  • Victor Sanchez Dominguez, Programmer, Pooches on the Run

    You play as three dogs. A bloodhound, a greyhound and a chihuahua.

    The game is a 2D platformer/puzzle game where the three dogs must reach the end of every level, using the unique skills of each one.

    You control one dog directly and you can switch between dogs at any time. The two dogs you are not controlling keep waiting wherever they are (even if they get hurt for standing there).

    The bloodhound is strong has a powerful mouth grip and a great smell sense, so he can push or pull obstacles and find secrets by smelling them.

    The greyhound is extremely fast. He can traverse corridors where deadly time events take place and use that speed to jump further than the others.

    The chihuahua is small and noisy. He can pass through small holes and attract or awake others with his barks.

    Every level requires using every dog at least one time to reach the exit.

    (Click for larger version)

    Level example: The three dogs start locked in a room. The bloodhound push a box, revealing a small hole in the wall. The chihuahua enters the hole, emerging out of the room, barks to make a rat move to the next room where a man takes a broom to pursuit the rat, leaving a button unattended. Jumping in the button opens the door so the bloodhound and the greyhound are free. The grayhound run and jump to a opening where he found a rope that he brings to the bloodhound. The bloodhound pull the rope making a ladder fall from the opening. Using the ladder the three dogs reach the opening and exits the level.

    Advanced levels will require using combined skills and correct timing (in example, jump with the greyhound and in mid air change to the chihuahua, bark to make one person to move so the greyhound falls where that person was.)

    The visuals will remind the ones of Another World or Flashback using only a few colors.


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