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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Oculus Rift

    - Danny Cowan

  • Joshua Dunn, President of the Video Game Development Club at the University of South Alabama, The Trance Dance


    The year is 2040, and the economy is at an all-time low. The crime rate is up, resources have become scarce, and people have lost sight of the moral compass that once guided their lives along the path of the righteous. Pike, a coal miner of rich Cherokee ancestry, has felt these struggles first hand. His bills are piling up and not much is known about his family. Just when everything seemed like it couldn't get any worse, it does. A loud boom is heard through the nearby towns, Pike's coal mine had collapsed. Initial reports indicated zero casualties and everyone were counted for. However, as the days progressed, there was still one soul that hadn't returned home, Pike.


    After the collapse, the mine has been altered and there doesn't seem to be an easy way out. Pike is trapped in the mine with severe head trauma, and is suffering from short term memory loss. The Trance Dance will play as two games in one. The first part takes place in the physical world where Pike is struggling to survive as he stumbles through the dark cave. The second part will take place in the spiritual trances that generate from the sensory deprivation caused by the dark mine. The trances themselves will slowly progress through the recent years of Pike's life, but in an altered form. Pike will have to fight off the spiritual enemies that have haunted his past, and will come face to face with new enemies that he never knew existed. While in the spiritual trances, Pike will pick up clues that will translate back to helping him escape the mine in the physical world. He will slowly start to piece together an escape route, while telling the player his gruesome history one level at a time. The enemies will go stronger and smarter after each level because they will adapt to how the player plays.


    • While in the trance, Pike will have the ability to spiritually conjure his weapons, armor, and body to adapt to the different gameplay scenarios that unfold. These are called spiritual shifts.
    • Spiritual Shifts:
      • Require mental energy

    § Once Pike's mental energy has reached critical levels, he will collapse and abruptly exit his trance.

    § As Pike's mental energy is depleted, his enemies become stronger.

    o Can be used for:

    § Weapons

    § Armor

    § Transportation:

    • Animal forms
    • Vehicles

    § Combat tactics

    • Camouflage
    • Crowd control
      • Pike will learn new ways to use his spiritual shifts as the player progresses through the game
      • Each level will contain regenerative potions that regenerate Pike's mental energy.

    Controller Options

    • -Xbox controller (preferred method)
    • - Mouse + Keyboard
    • -Razer Hydra

    The Trance Dance bridges the gap of the spiritual and physical realms in an experience that very few games have provided. Its unique combat style and character growth will continue to keep the game fresh.

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