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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Living the Dream(cast)

    - Danny Cowan

  • Pang Kean Keong, Student of Multimedia University, Faculty of Computing and Informatics, Kite Fighter Mania

    Dreamcast peripherals : Dreamcast Fishing Controller

    Game title : Kite fighter Mania

    Story : Henry is a kid born in the famous fisherman family. He used to inherit his family jobs as a fisherman but his dream is to become a kite fighter. Hence he decided to leave his family and participate the world class kite fighting competition. He left his fishing village and go for adventuring in the grassland.

    Gameplay : Gameplay is about using the fishing controller to kite fighting against the opponent. The player need to participate each of the game match and fight the opponent.

    The competition contains 2 modes :

    - "Fly high" , in a given time duration to get the highest position and avoid to get cut by the opponent.

    - "Last man standing", fight with a few opponents and cut all the opponents down.

    Mechanic :

    1. Vertical : pull the line of kite to left or right in order to cut the line of the opponent.

    2. Horizontal : move the controller upward and downward will both fly the kite higher

    3. Reel : Pull and release the string or line to control the kite's height or string tension

    4. Analog : At the beginning of the competition, the kite need to get the right direction of wind blowing in order to fly to kite up. Push the analog by pushing toward the right direction by following the indicator.

    Win/Lose Condition: Win : Fly the kite to the highest spot and the line is not cut by the opponent in the specific time duration OR fight with a few opponents and cut down all the opponents' kite

    Lose : Kite line is being cut by the opponent OR failed to gain the top position in the time given.

    Rewards : By winning each match will grant the player in-game cash to upgrade the string and kite.


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