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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Living the Dream(cast)

    - Danny Cowan

  • Brad Fisher, University of Baltimore, Terrorcombs


    Terrorcombs is a first-person survival horror game that utilizes the Dreamcast Fishing Controller for input. Players must explore hundreds of miles of the subterranean Paris catacombs to uncover hidden mysteries and find an exit...or die trying.

    Armed with a crank flashlight, some food, chalk, and a map, a foolish amateur explorer sets out to discover what lies within the hauntingly marvelous catacombs. When adventuring through a particularly old tunnel, a sudden cave-in forces him to travel through the deepest, uncharted lower levels of the catacombs in order to find another exit back to the street level. Consumed by complete darkness, the player must use his flashlight to navigate the complex labyrinth of tunnels and chambers without panicking and getting lost forever.

    Terrorcombs is just as much about exploration and discovery as it is survival. Players will come across the corpses of previous explorers (sometimes dating back many decades ago) containing video tapes, journals, and other artifacts full of lore about the catacombs and the sinister activities that occured within them.


    1. Light

    a. The player's crank flashlight is the most important tool for staying alive in the catacombs. If the player's flashlight runs out of power, the player will begin to quickly lose energy as they panic alone in the darkness and dead silence.

    b. To charge the flashlight, players must expend energy by cranking it up (see controls for more details).

    2. Energy

    a. Players have a limited amount of energy which is slowly drained as they climb, crawl, swim, and traverse the claustrophobia-inducing network of passageways. By eating food, the player can restore their energy.

    b. If the player's energy reaches zero, they will begin to panic and get lost in the dark depths of the catacombs forever.

    3. Navigation

    a. Being in the uncharted section of the catacombs, maps are useless. Players must rely on leaving behind arrows and symbols using the chalk as they find their way around the catacombs.


    1. X Button - Interact with objects (pick up items, open doors, etc.)

    2. Y Button - Draw arrows (hold and flick controller left/right or up/down)

    3. A Button - Jump

    4. B Button - Duck/crawl through tunnels

    5. Joystick - Movement

    6. Spin Reel - Charge flashlight

    7. Shake Controller Up & Down (repeatedly) - Temporarily boosts the flashlight's power without expending energy

    8. Flick Controller Right & Left - Make left or right turns at intersections


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