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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Living the Dream(cast)

    - Danny Cowan

  • Guilherme Schirmer da Costa, Game Development Student at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, The Final Fist of the Fighting Fish

    A single player fighting-fishing game using SEGA Dreamcast Fishing Controller.

    Fishing can be a relaxing hobby, but for a fish...its a fight. Sometimes, a fist fight ! Fish Style !

    The gameplay of The Final Fist of Fighting Fish is a inversion of a fishing game plus a boxing-like gameplay. The game have two rounds. In the first round, the player must throw a fisherman in the river. To "fish" a fisherman, the player must catch a bait, using the analogic directional to move the fish near a fishing boat. When near the boat, the fish will grab a bait, now the player must use the controller reel, and move the controler from one side to another until the fisherman fall in the water. It's important to the player set a strategy, some fishermen are stronger than others and can take the player out of water, ending the game. The player must grow stronger defeating the weaker enemies to before try a grappler fisherman, for example.

    The next round is a aquatic fight with the fisherman. It's quite similar to Puch-out series, the player will see the fish by behind, with the enemy in front. Moving the controller to the right and left makes the fish use punches, moving up and down or down/up makes the fish uses his tail to attack. Use Z and Y buttons to dodge and A and B buttons to defend (but will lose some energy). When the player hit some attacks in sequence, the fish will start to blink indicating that its time for the Super Spinning Tail Attack. To make this movement, the player must spin the reel as fast as possible to make monstrous damage. Each fishermen have a weak spot, hitting it will stun the enemy, giving time to strike him without chance of defense. Defeating a fisherman will upgrade the habilities of the player, giving some points to buy new techniques.


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