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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Living the Dream(cast)

    - Danny Cowan

  • Jon Pulsipher, PepperMan

    "Some call him a legend," said the old timer. "But I seen ‘im. Saw him with my own two eyes. He moved from table to table like a man possessed. He cranked his pepper grinder like a master violinist. And the customers - they loved him for it."

    Relive the glory in PepperMan! Rush though the busy restaurant delivering peppery deliciousness with your ridiculously large pepper grinder. Give ‘em what they need with some showmanship and zing and they'll reward you with generous tips in this engaging blend of the "Dash" genre and the Midway classic "Tapper".

    The player uses the Dreamcast fishing controller to play this engaging blend of the "dash" genre and the classic "Tapper".

    Use the thumbstick to maneuver our hard-working hero from table to table in the restaurant, avoiding obstacles along the way. Hold down the button for the right kind of pepper to satisfy the customer and turn the crank to grind pepper. Move the controller to while turning the crank to pour on pepper with crowd-pleasing style. (Psst...word has it the tables with the ladies appreciate a little more fire in the performance than other patrons.)

    A happy customer is a generous customer and you'll need to keep moving around the tables to gather the tips they leave for your peppery performance. But miss a customer, give them too much or too little pepper, or give them blazing red pepper when they asked for delicate white pepper and you'll find your pockets empty at the end of your shift.

    As you move up in the levels, you'll be confronted with ever busier restaurants, yet more demanding customers, and increasingly crazy obstacles ranging from waiters to desert carts, and maybe even a cat trying to escape from the kitchen! Luckily, you'll also get powerful pieces of flair to unlock new abilities and keep your grinder going with peppery pizazz.


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