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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Living the Dream(cast)

    - Danny Cowan

  • Mark Kakareka, President and Founder of Guilty 10 Games, War Drums

    The Pitch: Secrets leak, spies are everywhere, and the only calls to lead us is music. In War Drums, this fantasy rhythm turn base strategy game; the player takes the roll of a Drum General whos job is to lead armies by giving his commands through special drum beats. Create specal beats to move and create units, different instruments add powers, and once the player is done creating the beat, the player will perform it with the Samba de Amigo Maracas. The better the performance the more powerful the units. The player will need to be crafty and must hit those notes in order for a well sounded victory.

    Game Overview:

    Main Menu: In War Drums, the player with the Samba de Amigo Maracas to navigate through all the game features.
    - Story Mode: Choose between 4 factions (Humans, Orcs, Undead, Bird-People) and play through their quest for victory.
    - Multi-Player: Play online or split-screen 1vs1, 2vs2, and 4vs4 matches.
    - Gallery: See all the music instrument and units you have collected and mix and match your platoon for the perfect army.

    Starting Up: The player can use both maracas to navigate through the game. The 2 lower points, which are hit by lowering your arms help the player navigate the menus. In battles the game will go to each of the players units so the payer can give them commands or see how their heath bars are. When the player's units move, they move i spaces. The player can adjust how many spaces they move by the shacks of the maracas. Raise your arms and shack to move forwards, keep your arms in the middle of the player to move back. If a unit hits an enemy when moving then they are attacking that unit. A music beat will pop up and it's up to the player to play it as best he can for max damage. Once all enemy units are defeated the player wins.

    Sample Gameplay:

    You play as the Bird-People faction, the game goes to each of your units for a command. You get to your Ultra Unit, "The Hell Fire Phoenix". You see a group of zombie warriors that are 14 space away. You move the left maraca to tell the Phoenix to move to the zombie unit. But the Phoenix can only move 12 spaces. This is when a music beat will pop up and if you get a perfect score on that beat by matching the music beat correctly with both maracas, the Phoenix will move 6 spaces more and attack the Zombie unite. The better you play the more bonuses you get.


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