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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Save the Wii U

    - Danny Cowan

  • Chris "Venks" Dunson, Berathen Games, Pokemon Seeker

    Explore various environments in the Poke'mon world in striking high-definition.

    In Poke'mon Seeker you play as a young Rare Seeker in the brand new Kisaka region. Rare Seekers are Poke'mon Trainers that accept missions to find and capture the most rare and exotic Poke'mon. Rare Seekers use their Seeker gadgets and employ the unique abilities of their Poke'mon to solve puzzles, avoid feral Poke'mon, and capture their elusive prize.

    While featuring classic stadium modes like Poke'mon Colliseum and Poke'mon Battle Revolution this game features a single player mode that hopes to capture what it truly means to live in a world with Poke'mon. There will be six different environments to explore. Each environment will have segments initially blocked off that can only be unlocked by finding the right Poke'mon to navigate pass that specific obstacle. Along with your missions to obtain rare Poke'mon in each region the player will also have optional side missions where you can help out Poke'mon Trainers by sharing your map or pictures to help them locate specific Poke'mon.

    The game will primarily play using the WiiU Gamepad. The game will take advantage of the two screens with two different Seeker gadgets. The first gadget is the Seeker Map. The Seeker Map will place down tiles for every area you've explored, but it doesn't take note of anything in the area. Using special tiles and annotations you can place with the GamePad's stylus you can point out areas to avoid such as wild bug Poke'mon nests and places to come back to such as Poke'mon drinking grounds.

    The second gadget is the Seeker Camera. The player has three cameras they can place in strategic locations to have eyes all around the habitat. As you explore you can switch the WiiU Gamepad's screen between any of the cameras so you can view what is currently happening in the area. So if you find fresh tracks of the rare Poke'mon you're trying to find its a good idea to quickly look through the various cameras to see if the Poke'mon is nearby. Then you can switch to the Seeker Map and use tiles to indicate the rare Poke'mon's typical walking route.

    Additional Features:

    *Use the GamePad's motion control in conjunction with your Poke'mon for puzzle solving.

    *Connect with the 3DS to upload Poke'mon from your copy of Poke'mon X or Y to use in your hunt for rare Poke'mon.

    *Show off your rare Poke'mon in various modes including Multiplayer. You can have traditional Poke'mon Battles against 3DS users or all grab Wiimotes to try your hand at fun mini-games.


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