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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Making Maps

    - Danny Cowan

  • Craig Browne, Ohio University student, Nut Hunt

    The main character of the game is Bucky and you are a squirrel in a very big forest. The forest is randomly generated with every new game you create. The objective has two parts; first you must run around and try to collect nuts. You can find a few nuts on the ground around the bases of trees; you also have the ability to freely climb up and down trees to collect more nuts from the top of them. While you are searching, bulldozers, lumberjacks, and other machinery roll around the area. Going to close to a bulldozer will cause the character to get startled and drop the nuts you are currently carrying. If you get startled when you have no nuts, the screen will go black and Bucky will run away and you will spawn in a new spot on the map.

    After collecting any amount of nuts, you hide them. Bucky is able to hide them in holes in trees, under rocks, and by burying them in the ground. You cannot hide nuts in too close of a proximity to another hidden group of ones you have hidden. Your movement is also based on how many nuts you are carrying. Bucky has the ability to scratch small X's or arrows onto trees, and rocks, when you bury nuts, the amount buried will determine the size of the mound on the ground.

    During your nut hunt other squirrels will also roam around, another objective is to chase them away. If you bury too many nuts in the ground there is a chance that other squirrels may happen upon your stash, depending on the amount of nuts in the pile (and hence the size of the mound) there is a higher chance that they will be found and go missing. Smaller amounts of nuts in your hiding spot equal's lower risk of them going missing. If you see a squirrel take your nuts after you hide them, you're able to chase them down to get them back. While you are going around hiding nuts, you are able to draw on a map that Bucky has in his inventory. With this you can draw where you hid your stash or noticeable landmarks that you see close to your hiding spot. Bucky also has a small Polaroid camera that you can take a few pictures with and draw on to help remember your hiding spot. The Polaroid has to recharge during pictures and has a limited amount of use.

    You also have an attention span meter that goes down as you scavenge and bury. When the meter depletes; the screen fades and you are spawned in a random spot somewhere else on the map after construction is completed. Now a few trees may be missing and some urban things such as benches, parks, restrooms, and concession stands will be randomly spawned around. Now the objective is to use your map and photos to try and find where you hid your nuts; all while a new attention meter countsdown. After the meter goes down, your score is based off of the amount of nuts you were able to find again. Some of the places you hid them now may be gone due to construction or gone from other squirrels finding your stash.


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