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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Making Maps

    - Danny Cowan

  • David Serrano, Freelance Game Designer, I Remember

    What is I Remember about?

    In I remember you need to fill the gaps in the history of characters that have lost their memory during highly risky and important revelations they're making at the moment. Characters as a suspect during an interrogatory or somebody proven guilty at a trial (but still the lawyer doubts about it) are some of the possibilities.

    The player needs to rebuild the map in order to successfully end the story of the role he plays with, but this character can have a wide variety of outcomes that can differ from what the player expects, so he is in charge of shaping the history with his interaction (willingly or not) adding an important value of player's sense of freedom of choice and valuable and variable rewards.


    Once the game starts a few hints will be delivered to the player in order to start, such as location, climate, and a start point drawn. Afterwards, the story will begin and messages from the character and the interrogators will aid the player to draw the map alongside the stage. The main method for drawing the map comes from the player's voice input and a short few amount of tools displayed on the right side of the screen. By saying element names, the player can create whatever he thinks it's suitable for the correct moment and then, with the given object, he will place it with the aid of a cursor where he thinks is correct, causing a different interaction depending on which thing he used.

    The map will have fog zones where the player will need to rebuild and give coherence to the whole story. By building the map the player will discover more hints and what's most important; he'll be rewarded by seeing the progress of the character through the history and what he did to commit the acts he is charged or to prove why he's not guilty.

    The game will be able to switch by zooming from a top camera (for a better map building perspective) and to a third person one (for a better and more accurate disposal of elements).

    All the hints will come in dialogue messages and will make the player think about his next step. As long as the history grows, more non player characters will get across the interrogatory asking questions to the character, that will make him doubt about his acts, and turning the history more controversial as well as leveling the difficulty progressively, one example could be:

    Character: "I tried to ask for help in the lumber deposit close to my store "

    Interrogator: "That would have been difficult, provided the flood collapsed all the pathways to the warehouse"

    To sum up I Remember is a step forward on map building games, perfectly suitable for the adventure games players, which rewards players with the completion of diverse unconcluded histories where the gaps provided hold the information to keep advancing on intriguing plots.


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