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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Interactive TV

    - Danny Cowan

  • James Clark, Ohio University, Dragon Ball U

    Goku needs your help! An ancient enemy to the Saiyans has located Goku on Earth and is coming to destroy everything. Goku is recruiting warriors to fight alongside all your favorite Dragon Ball characters to defeat the aliens and save the planet.

    Dragon Ball U first lets you and another friend create your own avatars to stand alongside Goku. As with any great Dragon Ball story arc, Goku and the gang have to train themselves to prepare for the upcoming battle for the first few episodes. Using the Xbox Kinect or the Playstation Eye, Goku will instruct his new protégés on different fighting techniques and various exercises. Players will be taught how to use the energy blasts famously associated with the show and they will imitate punches, kicks, sit-ups, push-ups, etc. while their avatars imitate them. Players will be ranked "Good," "Okay," and "Poor" depending on how well they performed the moves, but the show will go on regardless of how well they do. After each episode, the player will be given an overall rating based on the collection of scores they received throughout that episode, followed by some words of encouragement or words of praise from Goku.

    When the aliens finally arrive, Goku and friends will fight to save the planet. Throughout the battle episodes, scenes will cut to the player-created avatars where the players will use their moves to fight and defeat the aliens. After a pre-determined number of aliens are defeated, the show will cut to the next scene. The avatars cannot be killed but they can be knocked down; if an avatar is knocked down, the player will have to lay on the ground and get back up to make their avatars get back up. In the final episode, the alien leader will appear to fight Goku and the gang, along with the player avatars. All the characters in the show, including the player avatars, will focus their attacks on the alien. Every time the player lands a successful hit on the alien, a number of points will appear to tell the player how effective the attack was. Once the alien is finally defeated and the show has concluded, a scoreboard will come up displaying the total points the player gained, followed by a congratulations from Goku.


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