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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Leap Motion

    - Danny Cowan

  • Edlen R. Pernandez, Student of Multimedia University Faculty of Computing and Informatics


    This game will be bringing back all the old fond memories of playing hand shadow. Players' have to mimic the shadow generated to pass the level and continue to the next level. This will fully utilize the ability of the leap motion to trace movement of all 10 fingers'. As the level increase and the gameplay progresses, the level or complexity of the shadow to replicate also increases.


    It's a 3D platform game. Every level, players have to use all 10 fingers to mimic or replicate the shadow/s provided.


    • Leap motion : To trace the movement of fingers to produce movement


    • Levelsare divided according to the environment
    • Each environment has its own unique challenge

    o Lack of light source

    o Moving light source

    o Brief light source

    o Replicate more than 1 shadow

    • There will be a randomly generated shadow/s (level based)
    • Players have to replicate as similar to the objective shadow/s as possible
    • Based on the time taken to complete, the player is awarded with either 3 or 2 or 1 stars
    • Upon completion, the player can proceed to the next level


    • Player gets to mimic or replicate the objective shadow/s
    • Perfect 3 stars awarded if player able to mimic shadow/s the required time


    • Player unable to replicate the objective shadow/s in the time provided
    • Player unable to move on to the next level


    • Upon completion of each level, players are granted 1 ‘HINT'.
    • Upon completion of each environment, player are granted 1 ‘BONUS' whereby it acts as auto-completeof the required shadow
    • ‘HINTs' can be merged to produce 1 ‘BONUS'


    • Failure to complete the objective shadow/shadows will end the gameplay and player have to redo the shadow/shadows from the beginning
    • Ifplayerfailto replicate the shadow before the timer runs out, the game ends


    • Accomplished sound effect upon completion of the objective shadow/s
    • As the timer gets less, the music tempo gets faster
    • Light source from behind player to create the illusion of a shadow
    • Environment in each level depends on the gameplay progress


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