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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Leap Motion

    - Danny Cowan

  • Mehdi Saemi, Student of Multimedia University Faculty of Computing and Informatics, Tickle to Kill


    This game is about a tribe which is been attacked by giant beasts. All warriors and soldiers have been killed in the battle with the beasts. There was a powerful wizard living in the cave nearby the tribe. The head of the tribe asked him for help to save the tribe. The wizard tried many magic to destroy the beasts but all of them failed. In the end he found out that the beast are vulnerable to tickle. Fortunately he knew a wonderful magic to apply on them. The wizard applied his magic to tickle the beasts to make them laugh until they burst from laughing too much.


    · First person view

    · Base defender


    · Uses the Leap Motion à to detect the fingers of both hands

    · Left and Right hand's fingers à To tickle the beasts

    · Right hand fist à to power punch the beasts


    · First level is the tutorial, to teach how to tickle the beast with your fingers which scan by the Motion Leap.

    · Every level some wave of beast are coming towards you which you have to protect your base from them.

    · You have to tickle the beast until they burst from laughing as fast as you can.

    · In the upper levels the number of beasts will increase.

    · After some level you will learn more magic and your speed will be upgraded.

    · There is another magic which you learn in the upper levels which you can make the beasts slow.


    · You have to tickle the beasts to laugh until they burst.

    · After killing all the beast in the given time then you will win the level.


    · You are given some lives which should not become zero.

    · The lives is the life of the tribe, so you have to protect the tribe.

    · You lose a life when a beast comes towards you and hit himself to the tribe.


    · Being able to upgrade the speed of tickling

    · Learn more magic in the upper levels

    · By killing some beasts fast and continuously you will be given a life to collect

    · By gaining score you will be given Power Punch to punch the beasts to push them back.


    · Uses epic background music when the beasts attack.

    · Uses evil laugh sound when you tickle the beasts

    · Uses burst sound once one beast bursts


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