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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Leap Motion

    - Danny Cowan

  • David Howey and Ian Vega, Leap Motion: Origami

    In Leap Motion: Origami players can take advantage of three dimensional control, craft origami paper art in virtual reality. Using the Leap Motion peripheral, Pinch and Drag with the Index finger and thumb to pull the virtual paper in a direction. Point at a fold in the paper with index finger and push forward to crease. To rotate the model use both hands in a spread fashion move hands in a rotating motion as if handling a ball. Bring hands together to zoom in, spread apart to zoom out. This can be inverted.

    Two Modes, Freeform and Challenge. In freeform you are given a paper to do whatever you wish with. In challenge there may be timed or accuracy. In timed you have complete the origami model in a specific time frame, earning a rating based on the time to completion. In Accuracy you are judged on how closely to the template your work is.

    Players may publish their own freeform creations to the web for others to try and make in challenge modes or just to show off. Creators can specify the time to complete their creations for time challenges.


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