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  • The Poor Game Developer Tool Kit

    - Jamie Aisthorpe
  •  Here is something that I posted on my portfolio for other game developers to help in the game development process. Creating games can be a costly business as commercial indy title can cost tens to hundreds of thousands dollars to build. A portion of this funding is set to software licences. Starting out, these software can be very expensive for first time developers interested individuals that are interested in creating games. Pirating these programs can seem an option to learn to use the software and experience game development, however to develop with these software commercially will lead to hefty law suits and devastation.

    As someone staring in the industry and running business, I couldn't afford to use the industry standard software. So I been searching and using freely available software in my development process and have compiled a list of freely available software that allows developers to create games commercially on windows and mac.

    Unity3D : Game Engine 

    The game engine I use for most of my projects is Unity. The software is freely available for commercial use with the free version and the only stipulation is that if the company/individual grosses 100,000 dollars, they pay for the full version. Unity's structure and design allows the users to create experiences rapidly. It uses JavaScript and C# for programming, however it is largely uses these languages to code Unity's API which has a very descriptive online resource, a large supportive community and lots of tutorials. Also the asset store has free plugins that can aid in the process. Unity also allows for cross platform development, opening access to iOS and Android development.

    OpenOffice : Documentation

    For any documentation either development or business related. I use OpenOffice. It is an open source office software suite that is a freely available to use commercially. The software included are a word processor "Writer", a spreadsheet editor "Calc". Presentation software "Impress", a drawing program "Draw" and some other helpful software. Its interface is similar to the Microsoft suite and is able to export files to Microsoft documents making it very easy to learn.

    GNUCash : Accounting

    GNUCash is a freely available accounting software that helps manage funds for a project. Built for small business accounting, the system can easily be modified and customized to manage business and project cash flow, profits and losses and expenses. It also can be used on android phones so the accounts can be managed on the go.

    Audacity : Sound Effects

    Audacity is free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds. This is a simple program that makes it easy to manipulate and edit a variety of different sound files. You can also use it with a microphone to record and manipulate your own sounds. If you are downloading sound files, check their licences and obtain them legally. is a good place to find creative commons 0 sound files for your projects.


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