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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Passion for Fashion

    - Danny Cowan

  • Fabian Erdmann, Universität Bonn, Inconspicuous Tailoring

    In Inconspicuous Tailoring you are hired by an espionage corporation, to make clothes for spies.

    On every assignment the player gets a set of reference pictures, taken at the place the corporation wants to infiltrate. The player designs an outfit, which has to fit in the given scene as inconspicuously as possible.

    The player then watches a short cutscene of the spy on his missions. The less noticeable the spy's outfit is, the more opportunities he has to gather information unobserved, which results in a higher score for the player.

    If the spy is too eye-catching he is caught and the player loses his job (Game Over).

    The player designs outfits by picking a set of standard pieces (Shirt/Sweater, Shorts/Jeans etc.) and adjusting their parameters (collar type, color, sleeve length etc.) with scroll bars.

    With every new assignment the reference pictures have less quality, raising the games difficulty.
    The pictures can have image noise, be taken in an unfavorable angle or taken at night. In the last few levels, even a satellite picture or a bad drawing can be the provided hints.

    The scenery varies between shopping malls, exclusive parties, the beach and more. Various kinds of dress codes have to be recognized. A specific color is a must have at one place, another time there has to be the correct number of buttons on a shirt.

    While the infiltration cutscene is ongoing, characters at the scene give subtle feedback to the player (e.g. "That's a bold color for this occasion."; "What do you think of that guy over there?" - "He looks super uninteresting."), so the player has an advantage on the next try.


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