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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Passion for Fashion

    - Danny Cowan

  • Christian Merino Rubio and Brittonni Shedrick, Montgomery College, Preserving Culture

    Story Background:

    The year is 6059 AD and the world is ending. Even though science and technology has progressed greatly, there is nothing we can do to stop it. Humanity has the technology to transport people to a new planet, however they do not have enough resources to sustain them all. The head of Britney Spears is the leader of the Cultural Preservation Committee (CPC). The purpose of this group is to gather cultural items in order to transport them to the new world.


    You make and develop your character who must speak to the Head of Britney Spears, queen of the world. You are in charge of the Fashion Faction of the CPC. Queen Britney tasks you with travelling to different time periods in Earth's history to gather and record information on style and fashion. You have to pay attention to the local culture as you interact with the NPCs. You would pick up clues to see what is fashionable based on what others are wearing and how others react to what you are wearing. There will be quests that test your knowledge of the time period's fashion. For example, when you travel to 18th century France you will be required to present a look to Marie Antoinette. If she deems your look worthy, she will give you her signature couture to take back to Queen Britney. If she does not like what you are presenting, it's the guillotine for you.

    Civilizations and Cultures:

    • Ancient Greece
    • Ancient Egypt
    • Shang Dynasty China
    • Mayan Civilization
    • 21st Century American Pop-Cultuer Fashion
    • 20th Century Kenyan Fashion


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