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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Passion for Fashion

    - Danny Cowan

  • Michael Hilnbrand and Can Nguyen, Montgomery College, CQ: Clothes Quarterly

    In a world run completely by the very apparel humans wear, there lives a soul by the name of Mr. Sweatpants who is an average pair of sweatpants. CQ: Clothing Quarterly is a company that embodies the essence of what is hip, cool, and fashionable in society. Their primary objective is to ostracize and discard the more "outdated" trends of society to make way for the new and more stylish ones. Mr. Sweatpants begins work in an entry level position for CQ with the hopes of shedding new light on the "outdated" clothing of the world and change the system from within. As a perk for working at CQ, employees are remade with newer, more fashionable, and more stylish material and designs. Players will live through scenes of Mr. Sweatpants' life, facing the difficult decisions he must make and living with the consequences. The game begins on Mr. Sweatpants' first day when he witnesses his boss harassing a young homeless girl and her "outdated" friends. Players can have Mr. Sweatpants either intervene and defend them or to conform to society and join his boss in harassing her. Whatever the player chooses, consequences will be had for both choices, both good and bad.

    Players need to determine what kind of life Mr. Sweatpants will lead; will he do CQ's bidding and get promoted even if it means the suffering of others, or will he stick to his beliefs and try to change the company from within? Throughout each scene, there will be occasions in which the player must face difficult decisions and must decide to either work for his own benefit or for what he believes to be morally right. If Mr. Sweatpants makes correct choices in favor of the company, he will eventually get promoted. However, as he gets promoted, the risk of getting fired and losing the relationships he has made within the company will become greater. The player must be sure to make decisions not only in favor of CQ, but ones that Mr. Sweatpants' superiors will want to see. Later in the game, it will be revealed to the player that the materials gained from being promoted, while more fashionable, are progressively getting more fragile and will rip at the slightest mistake made. This is as opposed to the friendships and bonds Mr. Sweatpants can make if he defends the weak who will gladly help patch any tears he may receive. Each essential choice will lead Mr. Sweatpants to a different path and journey. In addition to the event-defining choices, players will make less significant decisions and interact with objects to complete certain tasks presented.

    All endings of the game are intended to leave the players with a sense of appreciation for the clothes they have. The game stresses that just because some clothes may be called "unfashionable" and "outdated" does not mean that they are worthless; embrace it.


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