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  • Student Thesis: Network Gaming Utilizing Ubiquitous Computing

    - Marcus Smith

  • Gameboy Advance Networked

    This thesis focuses on how ubiquitous computing can be applied to expand network gaming. It first looks at what exactly ubiquitous computing is: how it is defined, and context awareness as related to computing. Examples are then explored as to how to practically apply ubiquitous computing devices to work environments and a hypothetical hospital scenario.

    Examples of ubiquitous games are next studied. Where mobile gaming already exists, ubiquitous games utilize information such as locale and players to supplement the gameplay and strives to make said games more social. Three prime examples from a research group in a 2002 conference are examined for their design and social aspects.

    After a brief look at the history of network gaming is a look into how fiction has already shown some viable uses of ubiquitous computing in network gaming. While fiction only, they offer insight into both how game developers can utilize this technology to expand on current gameplay, and also where network gaming as both a social and entertainment gem could progress to in the future.

    "Network Gaming Utilizing Ubiquitous Computing" by Marcus Smith, Bachelor's Thesis, Drew University, New Jersey, 20 Pages, Adobe Acrobat (59K).


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