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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Artistic Endeavors

    - Danny Cowan

  • Matt Crowson, Student at University of Montevallo, Tame the Flame

    Overview: Tame the Flame is a video game representation of the powerful hold that anger has over the human mind and what marks it can leave.

    The game is shot in a first person perspective in a formless room filled with hues of cool, calm colors like greens and blues and whites. The ambient sound is a slow soundtrack of soothing piano instrumentals, however, as the player explores this large room, there will be some areas where the piano will start to sound out of key and dark splits will start to form on the walls while a bright red exudes from the split, causing the cools to become a dark red.

    The player will then have to interact with the wall by spreading cool colors over the growing split until the ambient music returns to normal and the spreading has ceased. However, the dark scar will remain on the wall with a red discoloration surrounding it. This represents the scars that anger and aggression leaves on the mind. The player will have to deal with these occurring all over the room. If the room is engulfed in red representing the player succumbing to anger's hold, the player will lose.

    The player will have a certain amount of time to beat the levels. After the time is complete, the player will have the opportunity to walk around the room to observe the scars that anger has left on their psyche. 


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