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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Artistic Endeavors

    - Danny Cowan

  • Sara Perry, Game Studies and Design student at the University of Montevallo, Pawrtists

    In Pawrtists, the player is an animal artist trying to create and sell their own art.  Pawrtists is a mobile-based game with two modes: standard and casual.  The player will start as an artist trying to make it in the big city.  They must fill painting requests from customers in order to gain reputation and make money to pay their monthly rent.

    Reputation is the player's popularity in the art community.  When they reach predetermined reputation levels, their art will be placed in a gallery, advancing their level and unlocking new features, including new customers, paint colors, animal choices, and more difficult customer requests.

    Money is required for the player to pay their studio rent.  At the end of each in-game month, they will be required to pay rent.  If they cannot, the reputation they earn that month will be lowered.  Rent will increase as the player unlocks new levels and upgrades their studio.

    To earn reputation and rent money, the player must complete customer art requests. In standard mode, the request will come in the form of a picture, which the player must recreate before the timer runs out.  The art request will be influenced by different art styles, with some clients preferring Cubism, for example, and some preferring Impressionism. The request image will remain in the top right corner of the screen for the player to reference as they try to recreate the image.  When the timer runs out, the player will have a choice between selling the painting to the customer or giving it to them as a freelance job.

    If the player chooses to sell the painting, they will receive money and reputation according to how similar the painting was to the request image.  The player will receive more money than reputation.  If the player chooses to do freelance work, they will not receive money, but will receive more reputation than they would if they were to sell it.

    As the player is gaining the rewards from their customer, they will also get their artist bonus depending on which animal they have chosen to be. Each animal type gives bonus money and reputation when working for certain clients. The elephant, for example, would give a bonus to clients who prefer Impressionism. The players' animal can be changed throughout the game.

    The player also has the option to use their money to purchase supplies upgrades, like special canvases or types of paint.  Some of these upgrades will be permanent, but the majority will have a limited number of uses.  These supplies will give a small money and large reputation bonus when used, but will need to be repurchased when the uses run out.

    Along with the standard game mode, players also have the option to play in casual mode. Casual mode operates similarly to standard, but the player does not operate under a time limit when filling customer requests.  They still receive money and reputation, but less than they would receive when playing in standard mode.


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