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  • Students in Games - Achievement Unlocked: Get it on Steam

    - Claire Barilla
  • In September 2015, our team was selected to take part in Media Design School's pilot program: Media Design School Studios. It was a student accelerator aimed at helping students with commercially viable products take their work to the next level, with the end goal of releasing their game. This article is a summation of the team's presentation at Play by Play, New Zealand's first international gaming festival. In it we cover each member's specialized work on the game and what we did collaboratively to get Split onto Steam.

    We felt very honoured to be asked by the organisers of Play by Play to speak about our journey - it was a wonderful opportunity to share our experience with our local industry and celebrate everything NZ game development. We also helped out with a few workshops which will hopefully encourage more young people to get involved in game development. We absolutely loved our experience at Play by Play, and not only because we got to walk away with the Best Student Game Award. The event itself was an intimate collection of supportive, encouraging and all around lovely game developers. Play by Play included an impressive line up of conference talks featuring Liam Esler, James Everett, Matt Hall, Joshua Boggs, Mario Wynands and other incredible industry professionals. There was also a rather enticing collection of home-grown games in an exhibition, along with the conference and workshops. Overall, it was a fantastic week for New Zealand Gaming, with much festivities, wine, good food, great people and not to mention some very well behaved weather - for Wellington that is. It was wonderful to see so much happening and being done around our local industry here in New Zealand.

    Image Credit: Saf Banner

    Our team is still learning, so being involved with industry events like this has helped develop us, both personally and professionally. There is a wealth of knowledge in our industry and amazing people who are so willing to share and help young people. Never be afraid to reach out and ask, don't be protective of you work and to quote Liam Esler "Just be lovely, you never know how you can help someone or how they could help you". We know that we have a lot of work ahead, facing the challenges that come with trying to maintain a game while studying full time. There is a reason our talk was titled "Achievement Unlocked", because we are still yet to have finished our game, but hopefully our journey onto Steam can help others.

    Also just a little shameless showing off


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