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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: The Pen is Mightier than the Fist

    - Danny Cowan

  • Cláuvin Erlan José da Costa
    Curty de Almeida, Graduating Student at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, To The Gentlemen's Contest!

    Genre: Versus Bullet Hell Game
    Number of Players: 1 to 2
    Platform: PC/Tablet


    1902. Edward William Barton-Wright closed his Bartitsu Academy of Arts and Physical Culture in England, since it was unsustainable as a business. A man ahead of his time, Barton created mixed martial arts 100 years sooner and brought fighting skills from Japan to England... but apparently was a bad manager.

    He also didn't meet with prince Edward of Wales when ordered to, thanks to a hand injury.

    What IF he did, and the prince, years later, decided to put them to the ultimate test, sending calls to all the world for a honourable gentlemen contest to find out which are the best fighter and martial art?

    User Interface:

    The fights are a bullet hell duel between two "ships", each representing a character, with the format of the character's weapon(s) of choice(in the case of some martial artists, their bodies. To others, their weapons.). Characters are outlined in black, projectiles not. The green bars represent each character's stamina.

    (Yasokichi having a hard time: his Hand Slaps are being dodged by Sherlock, and Sherlock threw a Gentleman's Handkerchief, which will stun Yasokichi and leave him vulnerable to Sherlock's two other projectiles, the Falls of Reinchenbach.)


    Stamina is used both as a resource to attacks, defense and skills and ALSO the life bar. This avoids a projectile-screen-filling war: shoot too much and one hit can finish you. Stamina can be recovered by simply not using skills. Not doing anything at all, movement included, recovers more.

    Fights ends when one character loses all his stamina, or when the time ends. In case of time ending, who took less damage during the fight wins.

    Attacks are projectiles, varying in speed, trajectory, strength, quantity and cost, depending of the character and his available arsenal. The exceptions are throwing and immobilizations: both are done by touching the opponent. Throws send the opponent to a direction chosen by the thrower, do damage and and also applies a temporary damage-done debuff area against the opponent.

    Immobilizations place both players in a small time limit Undertale-like mini-game: the grappler attacks with bullet hell patterns and the grappled tries to set himself free by leaving the square area without being hit.

    To defend, characters can move around to dodge. Specific defense techniques depend of the character: as examples, Amelia has More Than It Looks, where she just reflect one projectile back; Sherlock Holmes has Applied Deduction, which turns back time a few seconds and Jack Dempsey has the Dempsey Roll, where his hitbox and character become smaller but he can only move in one direction with it.

    Certain attacks can also create temporary Advantage and Disadvantage Zones: an Advantage Zone give to the projectiles of who is in it twice damage, and Disadvantage Zones give half damage.


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