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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Road Trip!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Joseph Kalafut, A Trillion Dollars

    This game is a fictional open world game, in which you become Mike Jones a man that had just won Trillions of dollars by playing the power ball. Nobody had won the power ball for years so it keep accumulating. But there is one catch you have to spend the trillion in 4 days (Video game time).

    The rules are you have to spend trillion dollars before the time runs out. You must also have to go to each and every state and spend the money if you do not travel to every state you fail. In every state there are multiple challenges and puzzles you must complete the challenges, if you do not complete the challenges you lose time and you will not be able to spend the money in that area of the state. Some of the challenges are easier than others but if you choose the easier challenges you will not spend as much money. This game can be played as a single player game or a multiplayer game with up to 3 people.

    You begin the game in the state of California in Oakland at noon, so you know exactly what time the spending rampage will end. The first challenge you encounter is buying a vehicle that will transport you around the country. The game is restricted to cars, motorcycles, and planes. To get the vehicles you want you must know what year the car was made, the make, and the model.

    In the game you can interact with random strangers on the street and you can try to make them tell you where the best place is to spend your money. Some citizens will not tell you others you must ask a lot of questions and take up some of your time to get them to tell you. Also in the game there are people who know you have all of this money on you and they will try and set up traps to try and catch you and take your money. You must be very careful if you get caught by a criminal you lose time. The only way to get around the traps is by finding a sequence of patterns that will show you where the trap is.

    If you play this game in a multiplayer setting you must take a test that the game gives you and you will be assessed and ranked among other online players. The computer generated people will then place bets on you and your friends to see who is most likely to win. If you are the winner of the trillion dollar challenge then you get the money the computer bet on you. With that money you can upgrade characters and buy equipment that will help you the next time you play the game. You may also buy different types of clothing to customize your avatar anyway you want to. Also the money can be used to buy cars before you begin the challenge so you do not have to waste too much time.


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