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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Road Trip!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Elsa Forberger, Road Block

    In the fast paced game of Road Block, a child's toy will have to drive through a child's block world, trying to survive all that a kid's imagination can throw at it.

    As a simple wooden child's toy sitting in a wooden car, you have been enlisted in an activity known as playtime. A huge, although rickety and precarious world has been constructed out of blocks, and the kiddos want you to be the protagonist of their story. You start out on the road, and soon are swerving around falling blocks as towers are knocked down. An example of a building in the block city is in the pictures below. Sections of road fall down, as a new part is built, just in time.

    And throughout all this, you are subject to the childrens imagination. The children are huge, indistinct figures above your tiny self, somewhat like the picture below. From time to time you hear them talking, saying things such as "...and then there were five aliens who were all queens!" prompting the appearance of what they are talking about. Each wave of things from the childrens imagination will get more and more difficult to survive. Faced with aliens, an army of small dogs wielding hot dogs, and other strange things, you skillfully navigate on the road, avoiding the obstacles in your way.

    You lack weapons, so to survive you must use your skill and reactions, as you deal with sudden obstacles and incoming fire. The further along the road you go, the faster your car will get. When you crash, or are shot a giant hand from above picks you up, and deposits you back at the beginning of the road, so that you can try to navigate safely again.

    One of the key features of Road Block is the appearance of the world around you. With everything appearing to be a child's toy, and huge children towering above your tiny self, the player will feel as if they really are a toy during playtime. The graphic style will strengthen this feeling, as it will be simple and colorful, with models made out of simple geometric shapes. This, combined with the music and sounds, will create a happy, bubbly, and silly mood. Another key feature is the simplicity and ease of game play. Simple, intuitive controls will make it easy for anyone to play, and the escalating speed will help the player get better at the game without making things too frustrating.

    Road Block is a single player skill based racing game. It's target audiences are children, and casual gamers, because of its style and simple game play that encourages skill growth. This game could be made for any platform, but it would be best suited for a handhold mobile device because gyroscopic controls, in which the player tilts the device to turn, could be implemented. These are the preferred controls for this game, because they are easy to understand and learn.


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