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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Road Trip!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Andrew G Wallace, Game Designer, Hitchhiker


    Hitchhiker is a music adventure game in which you play as a vagrant musician hitchhiking across the country to perform at a music festival. Busk for gas money, find rides, meet new people, jam with other musicians, and perfect your set list to play a killer show.


    The gameplay is divided into two main parts: the music portion and the adventure portion. The music portion closely resembles games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band; a guitar peripheral is used to hold down notes and strum along with the rhythm of the song and the on-screen music chart. Songs can be selected from a library that grows as the player learns new material. Instead of a non-diegetic score, player's performances are judged by how much money is made from busking and the respect of other musicians when jamming.

    The adventure portion is made up of dialogue-heavy scenes with decision points throughout, similar to modern adventure games like Life is Strange. Players meet a diverse cast of supporting characters who may help or hinder them on their journey, and the decisions players make will impact their relationships. Players also have to make decisions about where to busk, when to practice, what rides to accept, and more. The most important decisions deal with other musicians- if you hit it off, they may offer to join your band and accompany you to the festival, permanently affecting the style of your music.


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