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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: To The Skies

    - Danny Cowan

  • Kristy Castillo, Daniel Owais, and Travis Tomon; Students at Montgomery College; Shonen Flyer

    Shonen Flyer is a Momentum-based Aerial Combat game. The game is played in multiplayer arena matches between real and computer-controlled players. Players control supernatural fighters in a grand tournament to claim the title of the King of Heaven. While players can fight on the ground, the real battle is in the skies.

    At any time, players can take to the skies and engage in dogfights for aerial supremacy. While in the air, players need to contend with turbulence throwing off their aim. In windy skies, players have to deal with strong winds altering their speeds. Meanwhile, they have to manage their speed; climbing will slow them down, but a good dive can quickly carry them out of engagement range. If all else fails, they can fall back on their handy air rolls to avoid getting hit.

    In the game, players engage in battles on the ground and in the air. Players can unlock and develop their own fighting styles by choosing a weapon, each with their own melee attacks and energy blasts the player can use.

    In addition, the player selects 4 super moves to round out their options. These super moves consume adrenaline. Defeating opponents can restore adrenaline, but if the player really needs it, he or she can focus his or her fighting spirit by screaming with the force of his or her conviction to recharge adrenaline. 


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