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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: To The Skies

    - Danny Cowan

  • Zane Wilson, Student at University of Montevallo, Flyshot

    Flyshot is a 3-D flight game with single player and multiplayer components. In the game you play as a pilot whose is carrying a photographer that is in charge of getting the best shots of an international racing competition. It would kind of be like a faster version of Pokémon Snap where the player is also piloting the vehicle. The competition is filled with colorful races of Indy cars, speedboats, dirt bikes, snowboarding, and even other aircraft. Each race is very different and can be approached from many angles.

    To start the game would be typical of a racing game where the player chooses a circuit and a starting aircraft to use. There would be many types of aircraft the player could choose from. Each one having their own unique abilities. For example, a blimp could fly much higher than other aircraft and therefore get better panoramic shots. However, it would be much slower and larger than the rest of the aircraft and might not be able to catch up with the competitors or get into tight spaces. A jet on the other hand would be much faster and get closer to the race than the blimp. It could also perform maneuvers to get more interesting angles. But the jet's weakness is it must always be moving so a player must aim ahead of their target. Other aircraft could be helicopters, biplanes, airliners, hot air balloons etc.

    Once a race starts, the player would be free to go wherever they wanted to over the course. The game would control like a typical 3-D flying game but have a strong arcade feel to it. The player would have a map in a bottom corner of the screen to know where the racers are at. While flying the aircraft players would also be in control of the camera. To take a picture, players would simply have to press one button to take a picture. Wherever the camera is facing is the picture that is taken.

    Power ups would be spread out over the course for the player to take advantage of. Such as, a time stop for a few seconds or a special filter for the next five shots taken with the camera. In single player a crash into anything would leave the player with two more lives. In multiplayer if a player crashes once they would have to wait until the end of the race.  After the race is done players could stop and choose another aircraft before the next race starts. They could also buy new pieces (using points) for a specific aircraft to enhance it and/or parts for the camera.

    Players will be rewarded points based on the quality of their pictures. Good pictures for example could be shots of first place winner coming across the finish line, a spectacular crash that happened on the course, or a mesmerizing trick done by a racer in the case of a snowboard or motocross race. 


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