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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Public Domain Inspiration

    - Danny Cowan
  • The public domain is one of the richest cultural libraries available. Many examples of classic literature, art, and music are in the public domain, either due to age or failure to renew the works' original copyright. Several popular video games have since pulled ideas from the public domain, from Castlevania's use of classic horror monsters (including Bram Stoker's Dracula) to the Greek mythology and literature featured in Sony's God Of War series.

    For Game Career Guide's latest Game Design Challenge, our readers designed games based on public domain properties. Here are our top picks!

    Best Entries

    Julien Alunni-Bravi, Yellow as Gold (see page 2)

    K.W. Wyatt, Game Designer, Story Girls (see page 3)

    Jase Goodson, Student at University of Montevallo, Merry Men (see page 4)

    Haley Gamblin, Student at University of Montevallo, The Scarlet Pimpernel (see page 5)

    Drew Fletcher, Dr. Hyde (see page 6)

    Mollie Boynton, Student at University of Montevallo, Ethan Frome (see page 7)

    Xavier Ekkel (Experimental Game Developer) & Alexander Ekkel (Student at the University of Melbourne): Sword & Stone (see page 8)


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