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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Your Cheatin' Heart

    - Danny Cowan

  • Zane Wilson, Student at University of Montevallo, C.O.N. (Combatants of Nations)

    C.O.N. is a 2-D fighting game based around deceiving your opponent to gain the upper hand in battle. It is more focused on the single player aspect although, the game does have a multiplayer component. The game takes place in the future of earth, about one thousand years. Every three years there is a global fighting tournament held around the world, hosted by a conglomerate of wealthy fighting enthusiasts. Many different people and organizations enter participants for an array of reasons. Such as, a military testing out a new robot or perhaps a lone martial artist aiming to prove themselves.

    Normal people do not enter the tournament because of the aforementioned entrees. Killing is allowed and not everyone is so kind as to spare their opponent. This is where you come in. The placer character is a normal schmo who bet his friends that he would enter the tournament. Why did you do this? No one knows, and once you enter there is no turning back. Now the only rule in the tournament is that contestants may only use innate abilities. So, no guns, armor, gadgets and the like. This is a problem for your character because they will be facing highly advanced robots, mystical martial artists, wild animals, vengeful ghosts, strange aliens, impossible demi-gods and overpowered superheroes. The only way you stand a chance is if you have gadgets that could protect you and/or hurt the opponent. You have snuck in and placed various items among the stages.

    In game your character would function much like a joke character from a normal fighting game. All punches, kicks, and grabs would be very weak and not have much range. Conversely, all opponents would be on the verge of being overpowered with fast startup on all special moves, OTG's, lots of meter and high damage. Some planted items will be in the open and the player will simply have to walk over them to pick them up. Others are hidden, and pieces of the environment must be destroyed to find them. Like destroying background objects in Street Fighter II. Items will range from defensive to offensive. Such as a helmet or a straight up gun.

    However, it is not as simple as using them outright because if caught you will have one warning and the next will mean disqualification. To use these items requires a special input like normal special moves. However, each item will have multiple inputs. Different inputs activate the items in different ways. For example, one input for a bat would be a hard swing. It is slow but does a lot of damage. At the same time, it would be easy to see and get caught. Another could be faster and instead of damage has a passive effect. Executing combos can give a chance to use an item with impunity since the opponent is being knocked around and cannot see it. Items would also break after several uses.


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