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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Your Cheatin' Heart

    - Danny Cowan

  • Jase Goodson, Student at University of Montevallo, Street Chess

    Street Chess follows the same rules as Chess, but with one exception. Throughout the game, each player may make up five rules during their opponent's turn.

    Suppose you are about to lose your rook to an opponent's knight. You could simply state Knights cannot take rooks. OR you could come up with a convoluted rule that changes the entire game. "A knight can only take a rook if you possess at least one of each of your opponent's pieces, excluding the king."

    Be sure to write these rules down so you and your opponent can refer back to them later in the game. Rules must be applicable to each player and cannot be one-sided. You cannot say "My king gets to move as many spaces as I want, but your king cannot move at all."

    Remember, your opponent is not the only player who has to abide by the new rules. You must also follow any rule you make. This double-edged sword has the possibility of completely revolutionizing a stereotypical chess game. The complexity of each rule is left up entirely to the creativity of the player. New rules can change turn order, movement direction and spaces, taking pieces, bringing pieces back into play, or anything the players can think of.


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