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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Your Cheatin' Heart

    - Danny Cowan

  • Bernard John (B.J.) Badger, Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy Alumnus, Cheat Code

    The best game is the one where you decide the rules.

    Cheat Code is a game about breaking the boundaries of games. It contains a number of small, retro-style games with their own objectives, secrets, and quite often hair-wrenching difficulty. However, it also provides a Game Genie-esque cheat utility, which allows the player to alter a few values at a time in the program. With the right tweaks, the player can increase their health or firepower, skip to advanced stages, or even change the program's logic.

    At first, the player is provided with only a few cheat codes. They are challenged to accomplish certain objectives in the sub-games, such as complete the first stage or attain a high score. As the player completes challenges, they are rewarded with more cheat codes, and given more complicated and difficult goals. Eventually they are faced with goals which would be downright impossible without the use of cheat codes, such as reaching an area outside of the normal play area. In many cases, there are multiple cheat codes which could be used to accomplish the goal.

    As the player pokes holes in the sub-games and explores their untamed outskirts, they'll discover Easter eggs and deal with the problems of navigating places that weren't built to be explored. Especially savvy players might be able to figure out patterns in how the cheat codes work and modify them to achieve different effects. There could even be ways to cheat the menu system and discover unfinished sub-games hidden in the program's junk memory...


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