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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Your Cheatin' Heart

    - Danny Cowan

  • Matthew Whitby, MSc Student/Game Design Intern at University of Portsmouth, Cheat Coding

    High Concept

    Players compete in a frantic warehouse to deliver as many parcels as possible but can attempt to smash in a cheat code at any point for an unfair advantage. They must be careful however, for fear of being caught in the act and catch the receiving end of the Ban Hammer.

    Game Overview


    The setting would be in a factory or warehouse, with cardboard boxes appearing on conveyor belts or on shelves. The levels will have players weaving between shelves, through either a wide range of levels or being procedurally generated. The visual style will take inspiration from Gang Beasts or Overcooked. Each player will be distinctly color coded and vibrant.

    Competitive Multiplayer

    All players can see the entire map and each other running around, meaning all the important information is shared. Players will be actively working against one another to score the most points. Additional team game modes can also be added, but the focus would be on couch competitive gameplay.


    Cheat Codes

    At the start of each round, players will be given three cheat codes. (E.g. UP, DOWN, UP, X, X, A) The button combinations will be randomly generated to keep the game-play dynamic. If the player can complete any of the cheat codes they will be given an unfair advantage. Some examples include:

    • Increased speed.
    • Increased carry capacity.
    • No collide with walls.
    • Teleport to a set point in the map.
    • Temporary invincibility.

    The cheat codes will also vary in length, with the more powerful cheat codes requiring a time commitment in order to complete them but also is more likely to attract the attention of other players.

    Ban Hammer

    All players come equipped with a ban hammer. If they see a player they think are attempting a cheat code they can go over and hit them with a ban hammer. If the player was trying to cheat, they are banned for a short while giving the other player the chance to score or enter cheats of their own.

    If the player isn't cheating however, the attacker is stunned for a brief moment as punishment for their liberal use of the ban hammer.


    When the players aren't cheating or hitting one another with ban hammers, they have a job to do. Boxes will appear across the map and need to be collected and returned to the players corresponding deliver point. Each box delivered is one point.


    Long term - Get the most points to win the round.

    Medium term - Identify a player attempting to cheat or find the path to a parcel.

    Short term - Enter a cheat code or deliver a parcel.


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