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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Get On Board

    - Danny Cowan

  • Erich Cooper, Game Designer at Sumo Digital, Tile-Matching Carcassonne


    Carcassonne is a tile matching game where the object of the player is to manipulate tiles on a grid to create blocks of two or more tiles that match. Once matched, tiles will be scored and replaced by new tiles. The larger the block of matched tiles the more points the player will score.


    The game will have levels that the player can player through. Each level will have a score requirement for the player to meet. Tiles are matched on a grid that stays full. Every time a match is made, and tiles are cleared, new tiles are added. The game has gravity and allows tiles to move down into empty space created by matches. This opens the possibility of combos and cascades. Once cleared new tiles are added. The player won't know what tile types will spawn next.

    Manipulating tiles

    Players rotate tiles of two or more cells, by clicking or dragging over the cells. This action is known as swapping or rotating two cells. This could be expanded with bigger grids that allow rotating of tiles three or four cells.

    Matching Mechanic

    A match is a group of tiles that satisfy the game's matching rules. In this case players score points by matching elements on adjacent tiles. For example, matching multiple road elements together would score those tiles.

    Combo: Makes multiple matches simultaneously

    Cascades: Makes multiple matches simultaneously due to gravity or spawned random tiles.

    Tile Examples

    Road Tiles

    A road is matched and scored when two or more road tiles are connected when both ends of the road are join up (see below.) Players can get bonus points for connection roads to a crossroad tile, a city section tile, monastery tile or the road loops onto itself. There can be any number of road sections between both ends, with more sections equalling more points.

    (Road Match)

    City Tiles

    A city is matched two or more city tiles connect. Players get bonus points when a city is surrounded there are no gaps in the walls or the city. As with roads there can be any number of tiles in a city, with more tiles equalling more points.

    (City Match)

    Mix Matching

    Certain tiles provide the player with both a road and city piece on the same tile. These allow players to link road and city tiles together to create bigger blocks to score more points.

    (Combo match)

    Looks like you're highlighting the top right tile as the combo match, when it's the bottom right one which is the combo piece.


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