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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Get On Board

    - Danny Cowan

  • William Lacalamita, Game Design Student at Event Horizon School Of Digital Art, BeatX4


    Players will fight on top of an elevated platform, but unlike your usual fighter the winner is not decided in a best-of-three rounds system, the winner will be the one able to "match 4" bodies fallen off the platform just like in the board game Connect Four.

    A good example of this is the gruesome "stage fatality" of the pit, in Mortal Kombat, so imagine that, just less brutal... Like instead of realistic bodies, we have Gang Beast-like 3d models.


    But how does it play out? If you think how much a match in a standard fighting game can last it's pretty easy to assume just one match can be rather lengthy, or at least it would be if the fighting was just like a standard fighter, but that's not the case.

    The fighting is in the "one-hit K.O." style, examples can vary to things like Nidhogg, Divekick or the flash game Get-on-Top.

    A quick kill and we are already in the next round.

    So here we are, you landed that one hit on your opponent, what now?

    Now for the Coup-De-Grace.

    After landing your hit there's a chance for the final blow, but you must act quick! This blow allows you to redirect the body of your opponent in 5 directions: directly down, to the near-right and far-right, to the near-left and far-left.

    The landing spots are fixed in a grid to ease the stacking.

    But how big is the grid? I have the option to make my opponents go in 5 places based on where I'm standing when I land the hit, but the grid at the bottom of the pit has 7 columns much like most connect 4 grids are.

    Manage to line up 4 of your opponent's fallen body in any direction and you win.

    Core Mechanics:

    One Hit & Coup-de-grace: Land one hit and you have won the round, your opponent is going to fall straight down, unless you use your coup de grace, a final blow that better decides where your opponent fall.

    On a ps4 controller, as an example, tapping square will send him to your left proximity, tapping circle to your right proximity and holding the buttons charges the hit to send him further away. Or you could be pitiless and press X to smack him down immediately.

    Concede: You can "give up" twice during the match to interfere with your opponent set-up or create a set-up of your own.

    Match 4 of them: In order to win you have to match 4 of the bodies of your OPPONENT, not yours.


    The example of Mortal Kombat is gruesome, but this game is intended to be played by the same people who would have fun with the original connect 4: kids.

    This means less blood, more colors. Simple fun given by the antagonism between players in local -couch gaming- trying to topple one another.


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