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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Get On Board

    - Danny Cowan

  • Gustavo Moreira Silva, Game Designer, Patzer

    Patzer is a MOBA variant of Chess, more like PvP Battle Arena.

    The battlefield is similar to the classical MOBA map (3 paths from base to base with some shortcuts around).

    Each team consists one player controlling all the units except pawns.

    The pawns are minions-NPC, and ,as MOBAs, will try to reach the opponent's king travelling by paths from base to base.

    When a unit is not being controlled, it keeps the position attacking the enemy unit that passes by.

    Even the King is a controllable unit and can move around the scenario - pawns will always use the predefined paths to reach him in some way.

    But Kings can only move on allie's squares. When pawns and other units walk on the battlefield, squares with the team color (black or white) will be set on the battlefield.

    The objective is to surround the opponent's King by your square colors and block the King, or just kill him.

    Units details

    Rook (low health, melee DPS):

    Skill 1) Bear Trap - Place a trap on the ground and the first enemy that walks over get STUNNED for seconds;

    Skill 2) Explosive Trap - Place a trap on the ground and when an enemy walks over the trap explodes dealing damage around;

    Skill 3) Hide n Seek - Get in stealth mode;

    Skill 4) Shortcut? - Place two special squares in the battlefield, when some ally walk over one square, the ally is teleported to the other square;


    Bishop (low health, range SUPPORT):

    1) God Bless You - Heal an ally a little bit;

    2) Lord is your shepherd - An enemy becomes in a sheep for while, what can not use any skill;

    3) Spirits away - Each ally that dies around a bishop, recover bishops health a a little;

    4) Not yet - Resurrect an ally.


    Knight (high health, melee TANK):

    1) My horse! - Summon a horse that improves the movement speed, after a attack the horse disappears again;

    2) Jump, jump - Jump STUNNING the enemies around the landing targeted area;

    3) C'mon baby - Enemy pawns around are forced to attack the Knight for a while;

    4) No time to spend - Increase the attack and attack speed for while;


    Queen (normal health, range SUPPORT):

    1) Right there! - Queen can teleport to any ally square on the map;

    2) U-lala - An enemy pawn became an ally pawn;

    3) Silence, mortals! - Targeted enemy unit can not use skills for a while;

    4) God Bless Me! and You - If an ally Knight, Bishop or Rook dies, Queen can use a pawn to create a new one. Can just create one of each per match;


    King (normal health, melee SUPPORT):

    1) The duty calls you - Spawn an ally pawn;

    2) For the Kingdom! - All allies around improve their attack for a while;

    3) One eye-king!- All the enemies around the king get BLIND for seconds;

    4) The duty calls me - The King is teleported to the throne, the initial position - this skill can just be used once.


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