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  • How To Take 7 Years To Ship A Beta

    - Ben Porter

  • Do All The Side Things!

    As the years pass you'll no doubt be very bored working on the same project, day in and day out. To make sure you are working on that same project for many more years it's imperative that you take on numerous side projects.

    With endless game jams now available you could definitely spend a few days working on a side game. Maybe a parody game called No Mario's Sky? Be careful though, because it's likely your silly made-in-three-days games will get more press than anything you will ever do commercially.

    Game development involves many different disciplines and you should definitely try to master all of them. My preferred way to learn is by finding an online community and involving myself in the competitions and events they hold. If this sounds too simple then you could always start your own community. Maybe it's called Pixel Dailies and has become so big it requires 2 full-time moderators. Well, I guess you have the time to spare!


    Those are just some things a developer can do to delay a project. Some more ideas are running an unconference, releasing an iOS game, making an infinite star wars crawl generator, creating twitter bots, and ... well ... you get the point.

    I hope this article has inspired you to take your sweet time, and I look forward to seeing all your side projects, engine discussion, crowdfunding campaigns, game blogs, and constantly shifting game ideas. Tweet me at eigenbom.

    Oh, by the way, I did mention that my game MoonQuest is out now on Steam Early Access and, didn't I? I did all those things I mentioned above but I got there in the end. And, in hindsight, I wouldn't change a thing.

    But I promise my next project will be quicker.


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