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  • 50 Things I Learned From Working In The Games Industry

    - Steven Honders
  •  A few years ago, I wrote an article listing 125 things I had learned while working in game development. It's been a few years, so I learned a lot more. Some of these things might contradict earlier points I've made, but the industry changes fast.

    That also brings me to my first point:

    1) Advice from over a year ago is most likely outdated now.

    2) Failure might very well be beyond your control.

    3) A great game might still not have a market, despite all the awards you're winning.

    4) You always fail because of choices you made, if it wasn't there would be no reason to try again.

    5) The indie market is over-saturated, there is no going around that.

    6) If you want to make money as an Indie, do your market research.

    7) Listen to the feedback (at least) that you get during development.

    8) There is always a chance that you'll be successful.

    9) Don't break your bank to make games.

    10) Never dismiss a publisher as an option if you need financial or marketing help.

    11) Don't expect miracles from a publisher.

    12) If you fail to meet your release-date, you either did unnecessary work or you made a mistake in planning.

    13) Don't bet on one market/platform if you want to be sustainable as a business.

    14) Past achievements are no longer a guarantee for the future.

    15) Coverage by media/influencers does not always convert to sales.

    16) Pricing your game right is more important than ever.

    17) Be creative in your marketing.

    18) What works for one game, might not work for yours.

    19) You're not owed help by others, because they're successful and have money.

    20) You're not owed success ever.

    21) Take enough breaks.

    22) Listen to people with more experience, but don't follow blindly.

    23) Test your game with players during development as much as possible.

    24) Make lots of friends in the industry. It gives you a motivational boost and you never know who can help you when needed.

    25) Seek support from family and friends when needed.


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