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  • 45 Distinct Match-3 Mechanics

    - Kirill Razumovskiy

  • 16. Spreading a coat

    Player needs to fill in every cell of the grid with a special coat. This requires matching elements in such a way as to have at least one element on a cell with a coat - then the coat spreads to all cells in the match.

    17. Creating a chain

    The grid contains an immovable element that can be used to base a chain of identical elements (according to the Chain mechanic.) The chain can be started with any element in a neighboring cell. The number on the item means the number of chains that can be created before it disappears.

    18. Walls

    Walls can be located between the playable cells. Elements divided by a wall cannot be switched places. There are removable walls that can be cleared by making matches next to them, or irremovable walls.

    19. Bomb

    The timer on the bomb shows the number of moves left until its explosion. With every move the number decreases by one. If the bomb explodes, the player loses. In order to remove the bomb, it has to be matched with elements of the same color.

    20. Grid expansion

    Level starts with part of the grid locked. Player can unlock an additional part of the grid by collecting a specific number of some elements.

    21. Tied characters

    Some elements have characters tied to them. In order to free them, player needs to make a match with the element the character is tied to.

    22. Element-doubling cells

    All elements collected on the doubling cells count double, including bonus elements.

    23. Multilevel elements

    Matching three first level elements together creates a second level element. Matching second level elements creates a third level element.

    24. Additional elements

    In order to receive additional elements of a certain type on the grid, player needs to make a match next to a special item several times.

    25. Element stealer

    A character that removes elements from the grid after every move made by the player. By making matches next to the character, the player can "stun" it. A stunned character cannot collect elements for one turn.

    26. Dirty elements

    A match that contains dirty elements will not be counted. Moreover, even if the match contains only one dirty element, the others will be "dirtied up" and the entire combination canceled.

    27. Wind

    After a match, wind moves all elements in the row or column one cell. The direction depends on the direction player used to switch the two elements places.

    28. Layer collector

    Every turn a special character moves to the cell where a match was made. It only moves when the match was made in the same row or column. As it moves, the character collects a special layer that covers part of the grid.

    29. Taps

    Taps above the columns regularly release an element they are marked with.

    30. Reaching a goal

    Character needs to reach a goal. In order for the character to take a step, player needs to make a match with a special element.


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