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  • DunkRatz Design Blog: Path To The Cheese Cannon

    - Ozzie Smith

  • Iteration 4: Delayed, invisible spawns

    It started to feel like trying to get an instant goal off of a ball spawn was too easy and the best strategy in the game. So we began messing around with some ways to make that a lot harder to do. First thing we tried was to just hide where the ball was going to land, but to show the ball being shot out of the bumper towards the spawn location. This concept eventually evolved into the cheese cannons that are in the final version of the game.

    Iteration 5: A longer delay, but anywhere in the arena

    While it was sort of fun to guess where the ball would spawn, it ultimately felt too random. So we tried delaying the spawn: after the bumper is the spawn location is marked on the arena but it will take a few seconds to get there. This felt so fair that we even opened up the "spawn location" to the entire map.

    Iteration 6: Forcefields

    The problem with the last iteration was that it was very hard to get the "timing" to feel right. Since the cheese ball could spawn anywhere we felt like we needed to give players enough time to reposition themselves for it, but sometimes that left too much downtime. In this iteration we added in a forcefield around the spawn once it was selected so that we could make the cheese spawn slightly faster but it felt more fair since no one can "catch" the cheese ball as soon as it spawned.


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